Private lessons

private lessons at jeunes diplomatesIn today’s world , speaking several languages ​​is a definite asset. However, it is clear that France is far behind compared to our European neighbours. Even the Department of Education describes the results of French students in Modern Languages ​​”particularly alarming ,” explaining : “ International surveys show that they are not only far from mastering the skills expected at the end of secondary school, but especially that they came last of all European students evaluated for mastery of these skills. “

If it’s so for English, Italian or Spanish, what about languages ​​such as Portuguese, Chinese or Russian which are very popular today with the rise of the BRICS ?

To overcome this shortcoming, we have developed special courses to meet different expectations and objectives:

  • Difficulties or giving up at school,
  • Revision,
  • Exam Preparation (BAC , Cambridge English exams , TOEFL , TOEIC, oral … )
  • Learning or improving a new language like Chinese, Russian …

The courses are taught by native-speaking teachers.

Languages offered

  • French as a foreign language
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portugese
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian

Discover the language and the culture

We also prepare your child for the Cambridge English exams from 7 years of age: YOUNG LEARNERS, PET, KET, FCE and CAE. What’s more rewarding than getting a certified and recognized qualification at the end of the year?

Giving up at school, exam preparation, revision, improvement …