Adult Language Courses

“The world is a mosaic of visions and each vision is encapsulated by a language…
every time a language is lost, one vision of the world disappears.”

Pr. David Crystal

Adult Language Courses

business englishWe offer a range of dynamic classes for adults, tailored to your needs and your pace. General English, Business English also private lessons in the most spoken languages ​​in the world.

There is no age limit to learning languages. Our learning methods adapt to the needs and constraints of each individual for a personalised programme.

Reach real fluency in languages ​​in your adult life, professional and personal.

Possibility of lessons in Albertville or Megève.

Group Lessons

Creative Workgroup in a MeetingThese are conversation classes designed primarily to develop oral skills so that you feel more comfortable in social situations (travel, seminar …), and are able, for example, to participate more fully in group conversations .

This method allows to develop fluency in languages, students need to expand their vocabulary, learn grammatical structures and improve their comprehension skills to interact effectively with each other.

To do this, various methods will be used in the classroom to encourage conversation, including role plays, debates and discussions on topical issues. These courses will also help you gain confidence when you speak in a foreign language like English or Spanish.

Classes are limited to 8 participants for better progression.


Private Lessons

Education Concept. Begin New Career Sign.At Jeunes Diplomates, we believe that the best way forward is face to face lessons with the teacher, because it’s only through practice that you can learn a language.

If a book or screen can tell you the theory and rules of a language, it’s through listening and repetition that you will learn the language and it’s by communicating that you will really improve.

In addition, all our teachers teach in their native language and have experience of teaching languages. You learn the language as it is spoken in the country of origin, with its expressions and its specificities.

The advantages of private lessons:

  • Customised courses with a “tailor-made” programme
  • Possible to focus on a professional field
  • Choice of the number of hours
  • Choice of frequency and pace of your course
  • Flexible hours to suit your schedule