Our French language camps

« There is no man more complete than the one who travelled a lot, who changed the shape of his thoughts and his life twenty times »
Alphonse de Lamartine

French Language camps in France

Language camp in France

Jeunes Diplomates has nearly 25 years experience in the organisation of language camps in France in an exceptional environment: Megève, an unspoilt village situated in the heart of the French Alps at 1113 metres altitude.

An internationally renowned winter and summer resort, Megève offers the privilege of a preserved natural environment for hiking, mountain biking or horse riding. The thrill seekers find their happiness with air or water sports.

Jeunes Diplomates makes every effort to ensure that its language camps, for learning and/or improving languages, leaves lasting memories for the campers.

The objective of our French language camps

  • Take full ownership of a foreign language through total immersion in an international environment with a team of multi-lingual supervisors and children from all continents (on average more than 10 different mother tongues).
  • Become a citizen of the world evolving in a multicultural context. Get to know themselves better, to thrive in exploring their talents, to exceed their own limits and to blossom, through sports and discovery activities and creative workshops that are part of the daily activities of the children

All this takes place in a friendly and safe environment which is for us the essential element to constructive and stimulating learning. Our camps are approved by the DRJSCS Regional Directorate of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion.

Nine reasons to send your children to our summer camps in France

  1. Jeunes Diplomates is one of the most prestigious language camps in France
  2. Accommodation of the highest quality in a high quality hotel
  3. Experience of international life
  4. We pay attention to every student and every moment of the day, each child is unique to us.
  5. The quality and experience of our teachers who teach their native languages
  6. The number of students in small language (English or French) classes
  7. An attractive and exciting programme of sports activities
  8. The ratio of staff to children much higher than required by DRJSCS
  9. Child safety with a reliable supervision 24h/24h by trained councelors and certified sports instructors

Summer camps in France

A language camp (French or English) for children and teens 6-16 years of age from around the world.

We offer holidays with a multitude of activities and in addition a comprehensive language programme, all in the heart of the French Alps.

Our language camps offer not only the opportunity to learn a foreign language (English or French) but also encourages students to discover new cultures, make new friends from around the world, to enjoy various activities, learn to live and work with others, to invest in an international community and, most importantly, to thrive in this success.

Winter camps in France

How to make the most of your skiing holiday while working on your languages?

During the winter sessions, children and teens following language courses in the morning and practice their favorite snow sports in the afternoon. Choice between: ski, snowboard or freestyle.

Supervised by professional ski instructors, they can pass their test at the end of the holiday.

Why start the day with studying? Because experiments have shown that the best time to study a language is in the morning just after waking up. According to these studies, the brain is more willing to concentration just after waking up. Studying in the morning is the right choice for language studies! …