Virtually from your room, visit the country France or USA and learn the language Conversation, Adventures, Songs and Games.During each school holidays, we offer a week of intensive training with 2.5  hours of French or English classes per day or 12 hours 30 per week.

While JEUNES dIPLOMATES Camps is well-known for its fun-filled Summer Camps, our team has worked tirelessly to move quickly and begin offering virtual programs. We are now ready to provide families with “Virtual Fun French and English Camps” of a high quality content for their children while they can’t join us this summer in Megève.

We are offering a variety of Virtual French Classes using our Webroom platform so that our families can receive high-quality French content from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

Our Virtual French Camps  range from lighter academic- and fun-focused classes for youngsters to more rigorous academic programs for teens.

We also offer flexible 1-on-1 online tutoring as well for children or adults for many languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese)

There are several classes available, organized in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Our French and English virtual programs will be available from Monday to Friday, 2h30/ day.

We offer Fun and engaging programs to build verbal skills through a variety of fun activities for students aged 7 to 16.

From their room, your child will travel with us and visit France- LE TOUR DE FRANCE for French Classes- or the USA- THE GREYHOUND BUS USA TOUR for English classes.

  • Road Trip Games- Fun country and cultural discoveries
  • Books, songs and more- A fun interactive hour for children in French/English immersion Arts and Crafts Club- Learn, Create, Imagine

All of our classes are limited to a maximum of 6 students to guarantee the highest quality.

From June 1st to August 29th

From Monday to Friday


Special Opening Price: 300 € instead of  450€ /week


1st Session 2nd session
European Time 9.00 AM – 11.30 AM 6.00 to 8.30 PM
Moscow 10.00 AM  – 12.30 PM
Jerusalem 10.00 AM  – 12.30 PM
Dubai 11.00 AM – 1.30 PM
Beijing 3.00 PM – 5.30 PM
Tokyo 4.00 PM – 6.30 PM
London 8.00 AM – 10.30 AM
New York 12 noon – 2.30 PM ET
Chicago 11.00 AM – 1.30 PM ET
Colorado 10.00 AM – 12.30 PM MT
Los Angeles 9.00 AM – 11.30 AM PT

Date of Sessions

From June 1st to August 28th, 2020

From 8 – 16 years old

French or English


On Virtual from your room


From June 1st to August 28th, 2020 from Monday to Friday


1st session: from 9.00 AM to 11.30 AM European Time

2nd session: from 6.00 Pm to 8.30 PM European Time


Special Opening Price: 300 € instead of  450€ /week (12.5 hours)