Our NEW SUMMER CAMP 2015 BROCHURE is now available!

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The brochure of our summer camps is now available.

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New Program to Lake of Annecy, new sports and cultural activities, and many other things …

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Discover our SUMMER CAMP 2015 BROCHURE

Discover our SUMMER CAMP 2015 BROCHURE


GROUP800This week, Jeunes Diplomates started a new project: “Blog Workshop”. Each week, campers from different parts of the world will come together to blog about Jeunes Diplomates Their camp experience in Megeve, France. All blogs are written in the language the camp is Currently learning at camp. Enjoy!

One of the best sides of this camp it is icts position. There are mountains around us, so we can do a lot of hiking, extreme scootering, mountain biking, rock climbing and other stuff like this. You can do a lot of winter activities here, too. This town is one of the best winter resorts in the Alps in winter purpose it May be crowdy here. Also I like the city. It is not very big, and there are not many people in the summer aimed at the same time it is not very small, so we can relax here, in the parks for example, we can do activities like ice skating, skateboarding, biking around the city. To Conclude, I want to say That this camp suits for all kind of people. Every child can have fun here.

-Timur from Russia   Sophia, the next blogger, wrote a portion of hers in German!

French classes are very fun and easy, but you still learn something every day. You can switch between the two professors, he always sosnt interesting! Das Restaurant in Megeve hat ein tolles Menü fuer Vegetarier. Es gibt etwas neues und jeden Tag es immer gut schmeckt. Das ist meist Gemüse aus der Gegend und es gibt viel und Käse Piltze. Das ist das beste jedoch Dessert weil es immer und sehr lecker groß ist. Die sind immer sehr Kellner einfühlsam wenn man etwas nicht mag kann man es gehen lassen und zurück dir geben sie etwas neues. Ich auf jeden fall komme wieder, nich nur wegen dem Essen sondern auch den wegen tollen Aktivitaeten und den netten Lehren / Aufpassern.

-Sophia from Germany

  Summer camp Was a new experience for me. The lessons were great! We Discussed a lot about interesting things, blood songs, created a play and played games. The food was quite good at the restaurant. During the afternoon, we DID different activities like rock climbing, ice skating, swimming pool, etc.. The activities Were quite fun! I got to meet some party and I am so thankful for that! The people here are awesome, Especially my roommates! The staff is nice and sometimes funny. The summer camp here was very nice and I might come back next year.

-Eva from France

Despite the bad weather this week has been full of memories. Wednesday I won the tournament against all major biathlon camp, which was unexpected because the accuracy is not my strong point! Then later in the afternoon, we jouéà a great game all together and I was in the quarter-final! It was sort of smarties and m & m’s and the closer one gets to the final and most packages were big! Thursday we do the all-terrain scooter! I had great fear before leaving but I start I love it! Only negative point, it was full of mud at the end!

-Sophie from London

Preparing for summer Camp

Preparing for summer camp can be an exciting time. It is important to understand what is needed for preparation – from packing to communicating, and all the in-between.

This DOs & DON’Ts checklist should serve as a guide to help while you prepare.

summer camp Megève


  • Communicate: Let the camp director know if your child is reluctant, apprehensive or worried about heading off to summer camp. Counselors can help ease the camper into the first few days.
  • Paperwork: Ensure all registration and information forms are fully completed. This provides valuable and critical information on all campers. The counselors study this information prior to summer camp and are ready when the campers arrive.
  • Orientation: Attend a summer camp orientation or open house; this is a chance for you and your child to meet the staff and learn about their programs. Ask questions and make notes on important issues for you. (I.e. Is the summer camp equipped to deal with campers who have allergies?)
  • Connect: Check the camp’s website, social media links and information packages. Connect with the summer camp you’ve chosen through their social media profiles and keep important email addresses with you.
  • Get Involved: Talk to other parents and involve your child in the process from the start. The more they learn about camp, the less anxious they will be.
  • Update Information: Let the camp know if a regular medication has been discontinued recently. And if your child is getting over any sort of communicable illness, the camp needs to know.
  • Label Items: Iron-on labels are great for fabrics while permanent markers or even colourful nail polish works for everything else. Send along extra labels, just in case.
  • Day Camp: Sleepovers can be great practice for avoiding separation anxiety, especially for first-timers.
  • Choose Wisely: It’s summer camp and kids will get dirty. Pack older clothes or items your child has almost outgrown.
  • Pack Medication: Send along prescription medicines, in their original containers, making sure instructions are on the label. If your child needs an EpiPen, asthma puffer or other special medications close at hand, they can be kept in a fanny pack for easy access. Remember to discuss these issues with the camp director and counselors.
  • Get Your Child Involved: Independence is a great byproduct of going to camp, so have your child pack her own bag. Help her plan what she will need: use a detailed checklist and oversee the operation, but let her pack. With youngsters, pack the bag together.
  • Keep In Touch: Mail a letter to your camper a week before summer camp starts, so it arrives before they get there. Pack self-addressed, stamped envelopes so that they can write you back.


  • Force It: Don’t force your youngster to attend summer camp. Be sure they are ready, willing and able.
  • Make Promises: If your camper is reluctant, suggest that they “give it their best,” and tell them that you will re-evaluate for next year. Never suggest that you will come pick them up if they don’t like it. Instill the expectation that they will stay for the entire session. Even the most apprehensive camper will often surprise Mom and Dad with: “I want to go for a whole month next year!”
  • Pressure: Don’t set your child up for disappointment by overselling how wonderful the summer camp experience was for you. Stay positive but let them enjoy summer camp in their own way.
  • Worry: Stay positive about your child’s summer camp time. Don’t dwell on telling them how much you will miss them (though you will), and don’t overplay all the “fun” things you have planned while they are away. Encourage them to enjoy camp their way.
  • Send Valuables: Money, cell phones and jewelry are not needed at camp. Crafty campers will create their own new bracelets and other adornments.
  • Criticize: Don’t criticize or belittle your child if their summer camp experience isn’t totally positive. Be encouraging.
  • Overpack: Never overpack. Follow the summer camp’s guidelines. Each camp offers suggestions on what to pack and how to pack. They’ve done this before—heed their suggestions.
  • Burn: Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Be a Heli-Parent: Camp directors and counselors are focused on the campers. Don’t send them daily emails, letters or phone calls to check up. If there are issues, they will contact you. If you need to touch base, once a session is sufficient.
  • Procrastinate: Don’t leave things until the last minute. Pack ahead of time.
  • Push: You’re a keen kayaker who also loves long hikes and wilderness excursions. Your son prefers the arts and drama programs. Don’t push your kids to follow your trail. Let them blaze their own.