Programe of SUMMER Camp:

In the morning or afternoon, they have language classes according to their level and in the afternoon, they practice summer sports activities.

A language camp for children and adolescents 7-17 years of age from around the world.

We offer holidays with a multitude of activities and in addition a comprehensive language programme​​, all in the heart of the French Alps.

Our language camps offer not only the opportunity to learn a foreign language but also encourages students to discover new cultures, make new friends from around the world, to enjoy various activities, learn to live and work with others, to invest in an international community and, most importantly, to thrive in this success.



Our new Winter camp 2016 Brochure is now available

Programe of Winter Camps:

In the morning or afternoon, they have language classes according to their level and in the afternoon, they practice winter sports activities: ski or snowboard lessons with certified ski instructors. In the evening they organize contests, games… On Saturday, an activity will be offered to children as output racket, making an igloo.


What your children think about our summer camp Jeunes Diplomates?

Blog Week 2 : From July 12th to 18th, 2015


“J’aime bien les activités le matin, parce que c’est amusant.

I like activities in the morning because it’s fun.”


“Les repas sont très bons.

The food is very good.

J’adore les jeux  pendant la récréation.

I love the game SPUD in the recreation because it was fun.”

Julie Y.

“I liked walking the dogs and I like the luge because it is very fast.”


“Ce que j’ai préféré est le lac d’Annecy, les cours sont intéressants et on ne s’ennuie pas, la nourriture est bonne et variée.

I prefer when we went to Annecy because we swam, we did pedal boats and it was very cool! The food is good and there is good variety. The lessons are very interesting because it’s not boring, and it’s funny.”


“I like mountain scootering because we can go fast and it was cool. The hotel is very cool because I had a big room!”


“J’ai aimé quand on est allé à Annecy parce qu’on a fait du pédalo sur l’eau et on a pique-niqué c’était trop cool.

I like to go to lake Annecy because we did the pedal boat and went swimming. I also like to mountain scooter”


“I like this camp because it is cool. The hotel was very cool and I also liked the food.”


“J’ai bien aimé les activités.  J’ai bien aimé les profs.
I like the activities because they are good. I like the teachers.”


“I like playing the water balloon toss because it was fun!

Les Jeux et jouer.”


“Ce que j’ai préféré au camp ce sont les leçons très ludiques du Matin.

The things I prefer in the camp are the lessons.”

Les activités étaient aussi très différentes parce qu’ ‘on ne peut les faire qu’ici : trottinette de montagne, luge d’été.

The activities were very different too because we can practice them, just here: Mountain soccer, summer sled and ice skating.

Julie P.