Un petit cours de français I

For the first of our series, we are learning the basics in French, to introduce yourself in simple words:

Hello, my name is Alice

Bonjour, je m’appelle Alice

I’m 30 years old

J’ai 30 ans

I live in Paris

J’habite à Paris 

I’m a French teacher

Je suis professeur de français

I’m french

Je suis français(e)

I’dont speak french

Je ne parle pas français

That’s the end of the first lesson now you can speak everywhere in French. See you next week for a new lesson….

 Un petit cours de français II


Today we are learning, the “possessive adjectives” you need this to speak every time in French!

The possessive adjectives are different when you are:

  • A girl
  • A boy
  • Both or plural

(Look at the picture)


My sister takes your books.

Ma sœur prend vos livres.

My dog sleep in our house

Mon chien dort dans notre maison.

It’s the end of the lesson now you can speak everywhere in French see you next week for a new lesson….


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