Safety at summer camp: Parents’ concerns

Will you child be taken care of at summer camp?

“The people who are involved in camp – like in schools — they’re trained professionals”

When you are sending your child to any day or residential summer camp, you are entrusting them in the care and supervision of a range of qualified adults, camp staff that have been handpicked and trained in their areas of instruction.

“I was worried about safety and whether my child would be well taken care of. But meeting the camp counsellors inspired confidence in my wife and me that my daughter would be safe there. The people who are involved in camp, like schools—they’re trained professionals. They know what they’re doing. They know how to keep kids challenged and offer them a safe learning experience.”

Camp counsellors tend to be young adults (young enough to relate to campers, old enough to be admired as role models) and long-time campers themselves. Most camps expect counsellors to be certified in BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitude aux fonctions d’animateurs), in first aid, swimming and life-saving, as well as specialty areas such as sailing or canoeing.

Experienced senior staff members, with a range of expertise, support the counsellors—and often know them well at the time they are hired.

Reputable camps place a high priority on staff training, often through their own programs, which include information on the physical and emotional capabilities of children at different ages. You can rest assured that camp staff know what they are doing and place your child’s safety as a priority.

3 Reasons to send your kids to Summer Camp?

Summer camps can keep your child busy, keep them out of your hair and your children will learn new skills and meet new friends.

While children are excited for a two-month break from school, summer break can cause panic and anxiety in parents.
What will we do to keep our children busy? Kids will want to sleep in, play with friends and visit the local swimming pools and amusement parks. However, as parents we want our children’s minds enriched, and we would love for them to learn a new language, a new sport, skill or just keep their minds busy.

For this reason, our language summer camp is a great option for both parents and children.

Here are three great reasons to send your kids to summer camp:

1. Your children will stay both physically and socially active during summer camp. There are so many activities to participate in and things for them to do. Camp ensures that your children will be a part of a group and make new friends instead of whining about being bored or getting into trouble at home.
2. Learning to have fun without technology (Ipad, phone, …).  Whether it is a park or in the mountain, pool or lake, children will see how much fun taking a break from the screen can really be.
3. Learn independence. Kids in summer camp will learn to listen to new adults, their counselors, make new friends and enter into an unfamiliar environment. This is a skill every child should learn, making them more socially and emotionally confident.